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K3S HA Homelab on Raspberry Pi Cluster Pt3

by B34rd · 12 min read

We have made it to a part 3!! Today we are going to get a bunch of things up and running on our cluster. The part we have all been waiting for! We are going to get pihole, and unifi network

K3S HA Homelab on Raspberry Pi Cluster Pt2

by B34rd · 14 min read

If you're here you already finished part 1 and are ready to get into using your cluster! The goal for this part is to get all the remaining tools setup that we need before we start deploying

K3S HA Homelab on Raspberry Pi Cluster Pt1

by B34rd · 11 min read

Let's setup K3S HA Kubernetes on Raspberry Pi Cluster for your Homelab! It sounds intense but really, it's pretty awesome! What is k3s and why use it? There are a few diferent versions of Kubernetes

Worldwide Accessible Pi-Hole With Cert Based Auth!

by B34rd · 18 min read

Ok, ok, I know it sounds crazy! But please, hear me out on this one. What we are going to do is take a Pi 4, install Raspbian Lite, PiHole, Squid, Webmin, and AutoSSH. With these things and a free


by B34rd · 4 min read

I’m going to talk a bit about aquaponics and why I care about it. First, let’s talk about what is aquaponics. The definition: Aquaponics — a system of aquaculture in which the waste produced by